The Maine Woods

A Publication of the Forest Ecology Network

 Volume Four     Number One  

 Late Winter 2000


 On January 31st the Forest Ecology Network submitted over 42,000 signatures to the Secretary of State for a people's referendum ballot for November 2000. With the signatures now verified, Maine voters will have a say in saving the forests and saving Maine forest jobs.

 Articles in this issue

Letter from the Editor by Paul Donahue

Articles About the Forestry Referendum
A Voice in the Wilderness - Forest Hope and Restoration by Jonathan Carter
The Forest for the Future Campaign
A Call to Action
An Act Regarding Forest Practices
FEN Thanks Signature Collectors
What is the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law?
A Flight to Remember photographs by Jonathan Carter

Articles About Atlantic Salmon
Quisling Rivalry by Ron Huber
Atlantic Salmon, Extinction by Politics? by David Carle
Atlantic Salmon Hearings press release from Coastal Waters Project
Testimony at Salmon Hearings by Joan McMurray
Will We Ever Learn: Report of the Commission to study the Atlantic Salmon (1947)
A Fish Tale of Two States

Articles About the World Trade Organization
Global Free Logging: Defend Our Forests - Clearcut the WTO by Paul Donahue
This Is What Democracy Looks Like - The WTO Protests in Seattle by Paul Donahue
What Will Be Next - The WTO's Anti-Environmental Record 
Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the World Trade Organization

Articles About Loggers' Blockade of the Canadian Border
Border Blockade by Jim Freeman
Boycott Irving by Jim Freeman

Articles About California Forests
Redwood News Update by Paul Donahue
My Love/Hate Relationship With the GAP by Amanda Warren
Great News for Sequoia National Forest by Carla Cloer

Articles About the Forest Ecology Network
Forest Ecology Network News
FEN Interns from Colby and Bates
FEN's Wilderness Matters Slide Shows
Letter from a new FEN member
Rainforest of the Western Amazon - A FEN Trip

Other Articles
Maine Woods National Park & Preserve - Let Your Voice Be Heard by Beth Wheatley
The Unexpected Consequences of Clearcutting in Borneo and Maine 
                                    by George N. Appell, M.A., M.B.A, Ph.D.
Got Milk? - Governor Angus King's Secret Weapon
Writing Shelterwood  by Susan Hand Shetterly
Welcome the Wolf Back Home by Kristin DeBoer
For Those Who Would Compromise the Forest poem by Gary Lawless
The Forest Ecology Network Bookshelf

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