The Maine Woods

A Publication of the Forest Ecology Network

 Volume Four     Number One                           Late Winter 2000

Letter From A New FEN Member


Dear FEN,

I am a thirteen year old American Indian being raised here in Topsham, Maine. Just recently, there were fifty or more trees cut down at Mount Ararat High School in Topsham. I became so upset, but was sure there was nothing I could do. And then yesterday I saw a copy of The Maine Woods and brought it home. I found that people were trying to help and save our forests, as I had wanted to do. So with that, enclosed in this envelope is my $25 for membership. And if there is anyway I can volunteer my services, let me know.


Kay'leigh Emerson
Topsham, Maine


283 Water Street, 3rd floor, P.O. Box 2118, Augusta, Maine 04338
Phone: 207-623-7140

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