The Nuts and Bolts of Signature Collection

The signature collection process of a grassroots campaign is of tremendous importance. This is our only way, as individuals, to require that our government and law making bodies be responsive to our needs. When you are collecting signatures you are representing all those involved in the campaign. For many signers you will be their first, and perhaps last, direct contact with the issue supported by this petition. Your appearance and demeanor are vitally important. Here are a few pointers ( most of which you are probably already aware)

Things to remember when collecting
Be friendly.
2. Using your own style, dress professionally.
3. Allow any registered voter to sign.
4. You are not collecting anything, but signatures. Politely refuse contributions - but note names and address so      that we can follow up.
5. Do not get in lengthy conversations - most people will not wait long, if there is a delay. Try to limit       conversation to simple facts. example - "This initiative will impose a 10-year  moratorium on the use of     pesticides for forestry purposes and will transform the Board of Pesticides Control from a     governor-appointed board into one elected by the people".
6. Just politely ignore anyone who is argumentative..
8. As people pass by , engage them to sign - "Would you like to sign   "An Act Regarding the Use of Pesticides     for Forestry Purposes and the Election of the Board of Pesticides Control"?
9. Have a sign up sheet or sheets and pens with you. Make sure that each signer legibly prints their     name,     writes their full street address (RFD's and P.O. Boxes are not acceptable - and the signature will not     be     counted as valid), and signs in the appropriate box.
10. Smile and enjoy yourself. You are part of the democratic process.

What to do when you are done.
Sign each petition, in the presence of a notary only, on the back of the petition where it   says "circulators     oath". Make sure notary signs and stamps each petition.
2. Have the register of the municipality certify the number of valid signatures.
3. Fill out the "Certification of Registration" form and get your town clerk in the town
    where you are registered to vote to sign it.
4. Guard the certified notarized petitions
5. Contact FEN (623-7140 or to let us know how many
    signatures were collected.
6. Send petitions to FEN, P.O. Box 2218, Augusta, ME 04338 -- we recommend
    sending them registered. THANK YOU!


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