Thousands of healthy Paper Birches killed by herbicide on Mead Paper Company land in Stetsontown Township. Scenes of enormous waste such as this could become a more common sight in the future as paper companies intensify the management of their forests.

The Forest Ecology Network has begun a new campaign, known as Pesticide-Free Forests, to get synthetic chemical pesticides out of the forest and to transform the Board of Pesticides Control into an elected body. Our goals are to:

1. Impose a 10-year moratorium on the application of synthetic chemical pesticides for forestry purposes. "Pesticides" includes herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, and we are concerned with both aerial and ground application of pesticides. The use of Bt for controlling spruce budworm would still be allowed.

2. Reorganize the Maine Board of Pesticides Control. Historically this 7 member, governor-appointed board has been controlled by industry and hence has been very ineffective at protecting the public and the environment from dangerous pesticides. Our hope is to increase the board from 7 to 16 members, with one representative from each of Maine's 16 counties, elected by the voters of that county. This would inject a large dose of democracy into the process, and hopefully wrest control of the board away from industry.

3. Require the Board of Pesticides Control to review current studies on the health and environmental effects and safety of pesticides certified for sale and use in this State and, when warranted by the currently available scientific information, to limit or prohibit the sale and use of a pesticide within the State.


If you are interested in getting involved please contact:

Jonathan Carter at 628-6404 or via email at or Paul Donahue or Teresa Wood at 255-6542 or via email at

Pesticide Fact Sheets (in pdf format)

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