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Green Brigade EcoPac Pledge

Credible scientists and climate studies are urging a reduction in CO2 emissions by 80% over the coming decade in order to prevent the “tipping point” - a 2 degree Celsius increase in average global temperature which could throw the planet into a new climate regime, with catastrophic consequences for humans and global ecosystems. Unless we stabilize energy use immediately and reduce it by at least 80% by 2020, reduce average global CO2 to 300 ppm, and aim for a carbon-free, nuclear-free economy by 2050, we face dire social and economic chaos.

Therefore, we undersigned citizens urge our government to embark on a massive program to curb unsustainable energy use through various means, including:

• ending tax breaks, loan guarantees and subsidies to nuclear, biofuels and fossil fuels
• taxing fossil fuels and rebating dividends to citizens
• rejecting cap and trade
• imposing a national gasoline tax
• setting mandatory efficiency standards for vehicles, buildings, appliances and industry
• phasing-out operating coal plants
• banning new coal plants without fully, permanently effective carbon sequestration
• prohibiting direct and indirect support for fossil fuel plants abroad
• removing obstacles to renewable energy technologies
• funding and expanding public transportation
• establishing international sanctions and wood tariffs to prevent deforestation
• imposing a Border Tax Adjustment (BTA) on high carbon imports.

Our Pledge

We pledge to support only those candidates for public office who will work for the above policies, and to oppose those who will not.

To dispel despair of those who think we can’t do anything, the Green Brigade’s EcoPAC pledge is a start. Print this up; put your own group’s name on it; circulate it to your friends, family and colleagues; take it to your Congressperson and ask him/her to sign it. Keep track if he/she refuses and notify people in that Congressional district. Consider running someone against those who refuse to sign it. Set up a table in your neighborhood, outside stores, in parks, near schools and churches, with copies of this. Let’s make this a National Campaign!

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