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On April 27, 2007 Plum Creek submitted a new rezoning and development plan to the Land Use Regulation Commission for 408,000 acres of its ownership around Moosehead Lake. The new plan:

• continues to include 975 subdivision lots
• doubles the amount of land zoned for development to 22,000 acres, which will actually allow for thousands of subdivision lots
• still proposes develpment of two major resorts, and incresases the size of both along with satellite resort zones.
• increases the number of "resort accommodations" from 750 to 1050
• adds the development of energy facilities as an allowable use in the easement areas on the west side of Moosehead Lake
• rezones 33 miles of shoreline for development
• reduces the number of subdivision lots on shorelines
• increases the acres of working forest easement from 72,000 acres to 90,000 acres.

Save Moosehead: Stop Plum Creek’s Wilderness Sprawl

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Wilderness Economics - A Model for the Future

Wilderness Economics - A Model for the Future

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