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Sites to check frequently


Resources on FEN's Web site


Organizations working on forest issues in Maine and the North Woods


Environmental organizations working on Atlantic Salmon issues


Information on pesticides


Information on acid rain and other forms of atmospheric pollution


Information on global warming

Information on population issues

Other environmental organizations, information for Maine


Other resources for researching forest issues in Maine


Forest activist groups in California

Forest activist groups in the Pacific Northwest


Forest activism and learning, national and international


Environmental groups of the Rockies and Southwest


Forest research and products, national and international


Wood use reduction and alternative fibers


Other environmental sites


World trade, politics and economics


Major environmental information centers

  • EcoNet - Institute for Global Communications
  • Yahoo! - Society and Culture: Environment and Nature
  • EE-Link: Environmental Education on the Internet
  • CIESIN Home Page

Information on Henry David Thoreau


Other points of view

The Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research, is the best source for information on the anti-environmental movement (wise-use, property rights, etc.).


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