The Maine Woods

A Publication of the Forest Ecology Network

 Volume Five     Number Two                           Late Fall 2001

Mabel Dennison's Legacy

by Jonathan Carter

Sadly, FEN lost another remarkable member of our family this September. Mabel Dennison of Temple, Maine had a hiking accident on Cape Breton. I came to know Mabel over a decade ago when she helped us organize resistance to the illegal cutting in Mt. Blue State Park. Mabel in her quiet unobtrusive way was all about justice. She pioneered a land trust movement to provide affordable housing for low income people. She was a model for those of us who believe in the intrinsic good of people and the need to chart a moral course based on giving back to your community. Through her kind spirit and generosity Mabel touched so many souls both directly and indirectly. She had recently become active in the resistance to the WTO and marched in Quebec last summer. While others at age sixty-nine might seek a sedate life, Mabel was always on the front lines, never ceasing to fight for environmental, economic, and social justice. Mabel will be missed, but her gift to all of us will never be lost or forgotten.

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