The Maine Woods

A Publication of the Forest Ecology Network

 Volume Five     Number Two                           Late Fall 2001

FEN Director, Jonathan Carter, Explores 2002 Governor's Race

Jonathan Carter, Dir. FEN, is moving toward announcing his candidacy for Governor. The press is taking his potential race very seriously. Recently, a well known pollster stated that he thought governor's race would be a three way contest between Carter, Baldacci, and the Republican candidate. Thanks to the paper corporations Jonathan has extremely high name recognition, and in spite of their attempt to "demonize" him, his negatives around the state are low. Jonathan has stated that "one of the most important roles of a governor is appointing people who have a shared vision for the future - just imagine the head of the Department of Conservation being a conservation biologist rather than a former paper corporation executive". Jonathan will continue to make FEN his top priority and will work to make FEN's seventh year a watershed of pro-active efforts to protect, restore, and preserve the Maine Woods.

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