The Maine Woods

A Publication of the Forest Ecology Network

 Volume Five     Number Two                           Late Fall 2001

Letters from FEN Supporters

Dear Jonathan,

I was practicing survival skills in western Maine this past week and had to go into town because I ran out of food. I picked up a copy of the Irregular and happened to read your article. As I drove back to my camp I looked at the Plum Creek sign and realized I was camped on the edge of a clear cut which could be sprayed at any moment. I also had gathered some wild grain in the clearcut which I had planned to eat when I got back, but it occurred to me that it was most likely contaminated. I immediately packed up my gear, spread the grain back to the earth, and left no trace that I had been there. I would like to thank you for stopping me from poisoning myself and opening my eyes to the practice of aerial spraying. I plan on joining your organization. I don't have much money to donate, but I have the time to volunteer my time and labor to any need you may have. I have made the realization that this world we live in is going to end very soon unless we start protecting and giving back to the Earth mother right now.

Again my thanks,
M. Stephens


Dear Jonathan,

My eyes almost fell out of head when I read your recent article in the Moosehead Messenger. Our family has had a home on Days Academy Grant for over 15 years. The deforestation has been overwhelming to me, heart-breaking. For about 10 years I have had an ongoing argument with my father and others about the use of herbicides. When we first started camping on Moosehead Lake, back in the late seventies, the rabbits we saw as we drove in the logging road were too numerous to cout. Now we don't even see one. I am an avid fly-fishing person. The trout population has diminished to a point where it has become quite the joke to even try to catch one. Please, please, please what can I do to help? I live in northern New Hampshire. I am so grateful to have found this web site. I will write to Boise Cascade as per your info on the Roadless policy. I would appreciate hearing from you.

J. Golden

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