Joint Policy on Forest Practices Reform

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Science Based Stocking Standards

All harvests of commercial forest products by large landowners shall leave adequate residual stocking. Adequate stocking standards for non-regeneration harvest must be established by the Maine Forest Service by Jan. 1, 1999. A permit must be obtained from the Maine Forest Service for all harvests by large landowners which result in a residual stocking level below the US Forest Service C line for applicable timber types.


Sustainable Harvest Levels

Total and species group (see definition in Maine Council on Sustainable Forest Management Report) harvest activity by large landowners must not exceed sustainable harvest levels for any rolling ten-year average. Sustainable harvest levels shall be based on growth, yield and other criteria established by the Maine Forest Service. By June 1, 1999, the Maine Forest Service shall adopt rules to implement this section.


Mandatory Audit

All large landowners must participate in the audit. The audit board shall consist of the following members (9 total); the Director of the Maine Forest Service, the resource manager for the SFMA in Baxter, a forester for the BPL, and individuals with expertise in the following; silviculture, freshwater ecology, soil science, forest ecology, conservation or wildlife biology, and forest based recreation.

The board shall function by majority vote.

The board shall establish incentives to encourage participation in the program by all landowners and disincentives for failure to meet program benchmarks.

A summary report of the audit, including the grade in each area, shall be issued to the public setting forth the conclusions reached and the factual and analytical basis for the conclusions, including any conditions required to meet the benchmarks.

Benchmarks in the audit program shall include those listed in L.D. 1766 combined with those in L.D 1395.


Compare with Forest Practices Act of 1989:


Another clearcut brought to you by the Forest Practices Act of 1989 .....

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