The Maine Woods

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 Volume Five     Number One                           Late Winter 2001

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 In spite of a three million dollar disinformation campaign, the Vote Yes on 2 campaign received 175,000 votes. Since they couldn't kill the message, the paper corporations' campaign tried to kill the messenger.

 FEN director Jonathan Carter and The Maine Woods editor Paul Donahue watch over the FEN table at the Common Ground Fair in September. Photo by Teresa Wood.


FEN director Jonathan Carter interviewed by the press at the Eastland Hotel in Portland after the polls closed on election night. Photo by Teresa Wood.


Former FEN president Steve Swift speaking at "Yes on 2" press conference in Portland in late October. Photo by Teresa Wood.


FEN director Jonathan Carter and 1st District Congressperson Tom Allen speak at global warming rally in Portland in November.


FEN director Jonathan Carter receiving 2000 Restoration Leadership Award from RESTORE: The North Woods.


In mid February FEN participated in the rally outside of the Maine Supreme Court in Portland to show support for the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe in their legal battle over their sovereignty with three paper companies. photo Associated Press.

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